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QWERTY, Captain of paperboat and nutshells

Qwerty is a street artist. His creations are found in different cities.

his "Little Men" suddenly appear, for example in Rome ... it is difficult not to get excited seeing them, poetic, androgynous, an elongated shape that seems to bend, impossible to break. The gift of a flower, of a heart with roots reflects his thought “take your heart wherever you go”.

We want to describe it in his own words: “poetry is like a nail, firm enough to hold the wall upright”.

last August, passing on the Aurelia we fell in love with the message and its forms.


Many huge little men kept us company on the journey from Tuscany to Rome ... it was tiring to trace him back, we contacted him, and we appreciated the great humanity and depth of his thought we could not fail to adopt the first 4 graphics:

Think poetic;a way of being, a vision of the world, an invitation to take a new look at things.



Skyscraper,;The little man, sitting on top of the skyscraper with a flower in his hand, waits for something or someone, and dreams in perennial balance.



Flower represents a little man with a flower in his hand, who walks towards life and towards his dreams, always carrying his heart with him



Dream The Dream lamp speaks for itself: the little man of Qwerty with its flower, the invitation to dream


Of course, on the tattoo lamps you will find the work as it is, simply adapted in size, but intact in the graphics. A work on the light bulb. Our small contribution to allow everyone to bring home a small piece of poetry and art ... from the wall to the lamp

A friendship was born with Qwerty, we share values ​​and visions: we are captains of paper boats and walnut shells ... full sail and full speed ahead!