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And Then was Light!

The FEEL-HOT System is born!

How do you make it easy to choose the right pendant for your home? Light has always been a complicated object, in need ofplanning, measurements, floor plans, combinations ... subsequent bids ... ofcourse, in addition to simplicity, we also wanted an smart solution and at thesame time Made in Italy and eco-friendly ... the first thought was: from todaywe don't produce lamps anymore but power banks! :-)

A real headache!

The goal was to break away from structured design to get in an area of ​​simplicity, immediacy and emotionality. How tomake many color combinations simple, many different placements, adapting thesame solution to the infinite locations lighting needs? 

And after many hilarious alcoholic meetings, the Feel-Hot System comes to light: the new concept for the choice ofmultiple suspension, simple, colorful, modular, fast, prêt à porter, accompaniedfor the first time by coordinated lamps that make every idea irresistible!

In the Filotto stores you will find, readyfor assembly:

  • The Holè ceiling rose, with differentdrops to satisfy all lighting needs.
  • the Calatine, the colored lamp holderalready connected with a 3 m long cotton cable to satisfy all needs
  • the 3 Graces, three differently dressedand colored bulbs, coordinated with the same colors as the lamp holders.

Just choose the right number of drops,match the colors of the "calatine" and you're done: it's child'splay!

Feel-Hot  Feel-Hot3 

In summary, we have made ours the 5 maximsthat we all know, useful in life ... and today also useful in choosing yourchandelier:

  1. LIGHT UP YOUR PASSION -choosing the light to illuminate your spaces is a game of colors, lengths andshapes and the combination with colored lamps increases the emotion. Filottotakes care of the technical aspects!
  2. STRAIGHT TO THE POINT - whywaiting if the solution you are looking for is already available and ready tobe assembled at home?
  3. MEASUREMENTS DON'T MATTER -measurements, plans aren't needed ... we have thought of everything ... the 3meters of pre-assembled cable, the completeness of the accessories, the rangeof colors and their infinite combinations allow you to solve every lightingneed and every lighting play.
  4. LET'S DO IT AT HOME - Feel-hotcan be assembled at home, easily, choosing shapes and distances directly onsite.
  5. IN ALL POSITIONS - with 3meters of cable and accessories already included, you can play as you want,directly on a table, on the bed by moving the light wherever you want (what didyou understand !?)6. The Feel-hot system, like allour offer, is both simple and dynamic, customizable and adaptable to manyneeds.

The Feel-hot system, as all our offer, is at the same time simple and dynamic, customizable and adaptable to many needs.