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How a Filotto bulb is born

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No manufacturer is an island.

Soprattutto i giovani brand creativi hanno bisogno di collaborare con altre realtà in grado di adeguare le proprie tecnologie al servizio delle invenzioni, che spesso nascono da una moltitudine di teste. Sembra facile vero? In effetti immaginarsi un nuovo modulo, è solo l'inizio di una valanga di attività, ed ognuna rischia di cambiare il progetto originario, e via ancora ... un balletto insomma!

The product is a group effort!

phase 1

The project

Our design is done like this: do we use cad? Of course not! With us, design is not drawn ... it is done! With any material, any tool, to verify the aesthetic result.

phase 2


To industrialise a product, we need to collaborate with creative manufacturers who adapt their technologies to the processing we need. This is how a family is born.

phase 3

The observation

After creating the basic product we stop, look at it and check that it contains the values that inspired it. We also often find new ones, let's say ... unintended. That's the beauty of innovation!

phase 4

The box!

Certo senza la scatola che prodotto Filotto sarebbe! Ogni scatola è pensata e fatta da noi con l'aiuto di artisti delle scatole che riescono a industrializzare tutti i nostri progetti.
A complex process: this is who we work with


And the frosted bulbs


and the Graces


With the poetry

Wonderful to see our products in homes, interpreted with taste and used for their functionality


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Got doubts? Let's talk about it

What happens if the bulb breaks?

The Filotto bulb has a standard E27 socket. It can be replaced by any other bulb on the market or, better still, bought from Filotto resellers or on the website;

Do the lamps have a guarantee?

Absolutely! They have a 2-year guarantee

What is the difference between painted lamps? There are many models ...

Each has its own function:
The Lucia lamp is a spotlight. It provides pinpoint light
The Maria lamp when used as a pendant makes light upwards creating atmosphere, when used as a table lamp it makes light downwards.
The Sofia lamp provides generalised light.
Used together they create beautiful light and shadow effects

What is the difference in light between painted and satin-finished lamps?

Satin lamps provide generalised light because the satin finish is very soft;
Painted lamps illuminate in a pinpoint manner because the paintwork is completely covering

Why does the Camo bulb have a small and a large hole?

The large hole illuminates while the small hole gives a small light sufficient for e.g. reading a book. That's why we have combined it with magnetic products: just turn the bulb holder and get the light you need!

Where can I buy your lamps?

You can find our lamps in the most beautiful shops in Europe or on our website. You can find a list of dealers in the dealer area on the website.

Why does only Filotto decorate the lamp glass?

We hold the patent for lamp glass decoration. Only we can do this!