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Iride, the magnetic lamp for your Christmas

A magnetic lamp holder that attaches anywhere there is a ferrous surface. Eight color variations to appeal to every style. A captivating look and unique packaging come together in a single object: Iride. Iride is not just a lamp, it is an original and elegant design solution capable of satisfying different style needs. It is a handy gift, whitout compromising on fun.


A lamp with a timeless design

Hand painted 6W bulb, with a totally Italian 100% made in Italy. It continues with a slightly vintage mood that paints two eye on the bulb, one larger and one smaller to play with the light. It has a matching lamp holder, which incorporates the finishes and is enriched with a hemp cable that winks even most rustic environments. The result? An unusual and extravagant Christmas gift perfect to satisfy even the most daring tastes.



A thousand ideas lamp

Iride is universal, is ideal both for "him" and "her". A gift idea that knows no age or gender limits and that is appreciated both by those who want a table lamp but also by those who want a wall fixture. In fact, there is magnetic fixture to the wall easily will transform the abat-jour into a wall lamp.


Gluten free lamps…

Did you know that our products are not tested on animals? And that they’re OGM free? And they do not contain palm oil? These are just some of the examples with which we have had fun making our packaging unique so that it is also clear that at Filotto we never take ourselves too seriously and smile reigns supreme. On the other hand, what could be more beautiful than seeing the person who unwraps our gift smile?


A smart idea with green colors

In these times when more and more consumers are realizing the need to make conscious purchases, , a green product is already a guaranteed success itself. In fact, the Iride lamps by Filotto, in addition of being dynamic and alternative, are low energy consumption lamps. The colors of Iride are solvent-free paints and the packaging itself is interlocking without the use of adhesives.Respect for the environment has always been one of the founding values of the Filotto company, creator of this small masterpiece.

The magnetic base: towards infinity and beyond ....

And if all this is not enough for you, try to have fun by mixing the magnetic technology of the Iride lamp holder with one of the other Filotto light bulbs. In fact, with the Tattoo lamps you will have the opportunity to make your gift even more personal by combining it with a light bulb decorated with messages or drawings. An idea as original as it is poetic that you can compose in the most varied ways! And it doesn't stop there: if you liked the idea of the magnetic lamp holder, but without the support base, you can also buy just the perfect "plug" to attach on bookcases or iron structures! The price is reduced and the solutions multiply, with Iride every desire becomes an order, in the true sense of the word!


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