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By functional lamps we mean the lamps and lamp holders that are purchased to light up a specific space and corner of the house.

These are pendants, wall lights, table lamps.

Filotto has a large number of functional lighting solutions.

Filotto pendants

Filotto was born with colored pendants. Today it is possible to choose between ceramic, silicone and metal chandeliers. Even the magnetic world offers a series of pendants with one drop, two or three drops, in the colors of the magnetic. A dynamic and directional solution for every taste.
For customized solutions (customized cable lengths and colors, number of drops) just contact a Filotto dealer who will be able to show you any type of customization.

The appliques

Filotto offers a series of different solutions for the wall lamp. From the simplest and most colorful solutions such as ceramic, metal or silicone walls, with or without joint, to the most innovative solutions such as those proposed in the magnetic world, such as the Combo, a shelf to be applied to the wall with the magnetic lamp holder in combination with color for a useful as well as functional wall lamp: the shelf becomes a pocket emptier, we can place a vase or books on it. The bulk of the lamp can be eliminated simply by attaching the lamp holder under the shelf. Versatile product, also widely used as a bedside table.

The table lamp

The table lamp is used to light up a desk, a table, a bedside table. In the Filotto line you can find the table, a colored and economical lamp, and the magnetic that can be detached from its base and attached to any ferrous surface. They are functional products but also gift ideas especially when combined with a tattoo lamp!

The matching light bulbs

Filotto light bulbs are at the same time functional energy-saving LED lamps with warm light, but also emotional as they contain graphics and writings that represent a way of being and thinking. The graphics on the lamps are also designed to reduce glare from "naked" bulbs, increasing their visual comfort.