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The bulb in the focus

Filotto and the light bulbs, decorated in different ways, why?

We chose simplicity and the use of standard elements, which are easy to replace at the end of their life: you unscrew, change with any product on the market and the lamp always works.

The choice was guided by our ethics, love for the environment and respect for the customer who has the right to have a durable product.

The alternative, embraced by many brands, was to integrate the product into the light source: the end of life of the light source makes the entire lamp unusable.

Of course, traditional bulbs dazzle, they do not have a comfortable light. Moreover, they shed light at 360°: they do not allow shadows to define volumes and thicknesses. So we decorated them. Now our bulbs are perfectly integrated into our lamp holders while being completely replaceable over time, they carry messages, they collect artists' works, they direct light.

We love our bulbs