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Filotto at #fuorisalone2023

Illuminate art or sublimate it by making light a discreet but significant part of the work? That is the dilemma...

Starting with the first thought behind the idea, it all depends on how much creative and intellectual synergy exists between artist and 'lightee'. Gianni Lucchesi set us the challenge... A 13 metre high installation full of meaning.

As always, a team at work, made up of art, craftsmanship, engineering and light.

The sculpture, specially designed for Fuorisalone 2023, was created with the relationship between man and 'building' in mind. OPERAE is strongly characterised by geometric and mathematical elements. Fibonacci's golden sequence punctuates the rotation of the cubes that support man in a contemplative attitude.

Like everything else, light can be studied in many ways. One can illuminate from the outside, one can enhance a specific point.

We have chosen, as always, to make light the protagonist
. It becomes an integrated part of the work, it helps to perceive its profound meaning. each slice of light is a door to the interior and thus to the universe.

the contemplating man from whom everything starts is illuminated exclusively in the right hemisphere known as the 'poet', which specialises in visual processing and the perception of images, their spatial organisation and emotional interpretation;

We are therefore excited and proud.

University of Milan, Via Festa del Perdono 7.

come and see it from 17 April, it's worth it.

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