Collection: Feel-hot

Feel-Hot is the new easy, intuitive and fast system to compose a coloured ceiling lamp with several lights.

Just choose the number of lights you need and then the suitable rosette, the colours of the calatinas, if you want the lamps and that's it.

In the Holè rosette there is everything you need for assembly and composition in many positions, to illuminate according to need and taste. It's child's play.

With the Feel-Hot System you can combine downlights of different colours, and use them in different shapes, designed to meet all lighting needs.

64 products
  • Yellow Sofia light bulb
  • Red Sofia light bulb
  • White Calatina
  • Green Calatina
  • Orange Calatina
  • Black Calatina
  • Grey Calatina
  • Orange Calatina
  • Cream Calatina
  • Red Calatina
  • White Holè Maxi Single hole
  • Black Holè Single Maxi hole
  • Grey Holè Single Maxi Hole
  • Yellow Holè Single Maxi hole
  • Green Holè Single Maxi hole
  • Cream Holè Single Maxi hole
  • Orange Holè Maxi Single hole
  • Red Holè Single Maxi hole
  • Red Holè 5 outputs
  • Orange Holè 5 outputs
  • Cream Holè 5 outputs
  • Green Holè 5 outputs
  • Yellow Holè 5 outputs
  • Grey Holè 5 outputs
  • Black Holè 5 outputs
  • White Holè 5 outputs
  • White Holè 3 outputs
  • Black Holè 3 outputs
  • Grey Holè 3 outputs
  • Yellow Holè 3 outputs
  • Green Holè 3 outputs
  • Cream Holè 3 outputs