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Choosing the right lamp

How many and which lamps: is it always complicated?


How many lamps in a pendant? What kind of lamps? Lampshade or bare lamp? Diffused light or point light?

Sounds easy .... 😊 ... but it's actually "a piece of cake!"

We first choose the number of lamps, which essentially depends on the size of the space to be illuminated



To illuminate a small space 2 lights are enough, in the center of the room or off-center depending on the desired effect.

As the space to be illuminated increases, the number of lamps should be increased.

With the new Feel-Hot system, this is all very simple. Just choose the number of lights, the color mix and you're done. All available in store, easy, immediate. The technical components are included in the rosette, ready for assembly by the electrician. The measures are taken at home, choosing the shape of the suspension on site. The cable length of 3 meters allows any kind of choice, adapting it to your environment!

If the problem is the type of lighting,
we always recommend playing with light. The 360° light when the only source of illumination, flattens the environments. It is better to give different light sources directed differently to enhance an area, a picture, a corner.

That's why we love multi-light suspensions
: each lamp has a different role, each lamp illuminates something. And that's why we invented the 3 Grazie, lamps colored to match the lamp holder, which we think are beautiful, but also very technical:

  • La Maria: used as a suspension makes light upwards giving the environment a feeling of diffuse brightness with maximum visual comfort
  • La Lucia: used as a suspension makes a punctiform light, concentrates the light in a specific point of the room
  • La Sofia: its light is diffused, while maintaining visual comfort, rotate it.

The 3 Graces used together achieve the goal: a dynamic light that relies on different forms of light to give movement to the environment. Try them out together ... the game is assured.

Le 3 Grazie are naked lamps, but they replace the lampshade: the opaque coating allows the light to be dressed, avoiding any glare.