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Let's talk about Filotto

Maybe a little self-congratulatory, but we are dying to tell the Filotto team, the "handful of dreamers":

Fabio, (the big head on the Filotto logo ... even if all the men of the team are the same: bald, beard, ironic ...), multiple roles, many facets. The creative, all creative projects start from him. Love light and love materials. When the creative process starts, there are no limits to places and times! And this process does not stop at aesthetics, but continues with prototyping, industrialization. Curious about all kinds of technology, he works side by side with suppliers, learns and then reuses! He gave the stamp of Filotto and the team which naturally looks a lot like him. 

 Emanuela, works with Fabio on new products (values, price lists ... in short, the economic and financial part). She also manages the back office, customer and supplier orders ... without me no Filotto would be shipped! :-) then also pays and collects, in short, the dirty work .. but someone has to do it!

Raffaele, the first great employee of Filotto, is the coordinator of internal and external production. He works on all operations with Fabio, with the aim of improving productivity and therefore product delivery times. He is a person of great dexterity and great taste, the first one with whom the creative process is shared. An indispensable resource.

 Francesco, manages domestic (Northern Italy) and International sales , his English aplomb hides a very warm person and very attached to the company. With him we started getting serious from the “creatificio” to the showcases!

 Alessia, sales manager for Center South Italy, an energy bomb, a visceral passion for her customers! She has experience as entrepreneur in commerce. She therefore knows all kinds of needs and goes out of her way to satisfy all needs ... if you let her do it, she will rearrange your shop window in a flash! :-)

 Diego, our latest recruit, a golden boy. Young and muscular, he is willing able, available and generous. He makes all the “tavolotto”, I mean every single one!

 And then our external collaborators:

Il Barba, nicknamed Pio (from him the name of the Pio lamp ... let's save that story), tattoo lamps were born with him. A loveable gruff, but with a big heart as well as a great professional ... we love him a lot!

Paolo, a pure genius, paints anything, an inventor of methods and solutions. Any technician who has seen his work is amazed. We have a problem? no problem ... with him only solutions

Gabriele, he and his company can be trusted, helpful and kind. He patiently manages our every urgency ... and unfortunately with us it is always an urgency!

Ivan, a serious and precise entrepreneur, a true Lombard! has an efficient team like few others, we work very well with them!

Luca, the partner ... how can we not learn from him and his team, we are very attached to them and we like them very much!

Many others ... many stories, many beautiful businesses, many different ways of doing business, but we are all alike: we really like doing what we do and we do it well (often at least!)