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by ilfilotto

Koso Camo


How to define Koso? We couldn't, and that is the origin of the name. It is a big and beautiful lamp! The magnetic plug can be safely placed anywhere on Koso according to light requirements or aesthetic taste. The central slot is the natural housing for the cable of the magnetic plug, which can be used in a variety of ways, either in a linear manner or by creating a play. In any case, the cable becomes a characterising element of the lamp.

It comes complete with a Camo lamp, painted in the same colour as Koso, with 2 characteristic light points: a large and powerful porthole and a small one sufficient for reading. Thanks to the magnetic lamp holder it is possible to orient the lamp as required

Dimensions: 18x18xh50 cm - magnetic plug: 7.8cm diam 4.2cm, cable 180cm

Technical data: E27 socket

Technical data of lamp: 7watt, dimmable

Application koso

Applicazione koso

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