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by ilfilotto

Combo Camo


Combo Camo consists of the painted metal shelf with the typical Filotto tab, the "Magnetic plug" lamp holder and the Camo lamp painted to match with a directional beam of light: The magnetic lamp holder moves to any spot on the shelf by simply re-positioning it above or below the top, safely.

Useful and beautiful as a bedside table and abat-jour together in one, or anywhere in the house where you can place objects, a book, keys, etc. ...

The maximum capacity of the product is 2kg.

Dimensions: H 78 mm - ø 42 mm (Plug) | Cable: 1800 mm. Shelf: (HxWxD) 320x160x30 mm

Technical data of Sofia lamp: 4.5watt, dimmable. Led source

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