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by ilfilotto

Combo Audrey Eliza Dark

THE FLAT LIFE OF A MENSOLA: The lone shelf meets the lamp holder and Audrey ... the perfect trio!

Combo Audrey consists of the painted metal shelf with the typical Filotto tab, the "Magnetic plug" lamp holder, and the Audrey lampshade (complete with bulb): The magnetic lamp holder moves to any spot on the shelf by simply re-positioning it above or below the top, safely.

In the Audrey Combo everything moves: the lamp holder detaches and attaches to any point on the shelf or to any metal surface, the Audrey lampshade swivels (looks just like Audrey's little hat, doesn't it?) ... our dynamic vision of light!

The Audrey Combo comes complete with a lampshade:

Dynamic: it has a spring attached to the included bulb and rotates by orienting light and shadow. Have you ever seen a lampshade that moves? :-)
Colorful: the pattern is strongly reminiscent of the 1960s.
Complete with dimmable A60 4.5 watt drop-shaped led bulb.
Useful and beautiful as a bedside table and abat-jour together in one, or anywhere in the house where you can place objects, a book, keys, etc. ...
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