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It's finally happened... in the Siffredi household there is no longer just one Rocco, but three, all XXL! Rocco Siffredi now enjoys the excellent company of two new XXL Roccos: one total black with orange cord, absolutely gorgeous, and one total white dedicated to Rosa.

In short: a house full of ROCCO!

The birth of Rocco XXL

The creation of the Rocco lamp was a journey of passion and dedication. We had long wanted to create a floor lamp that was not only functional, but also an iconic piece of design. With Flavia's help, we drew up the first sketches, imagining a lamp that could adapt to different needs.

The product underwent numerous modifications over time: we went from the initial table to a modular version that led to the final creation. The result is a product that not only illuminates, but also enriches the space with its unique presence and unmistakable style.

When we saw the robust and memorable prototype, there was no doubt about the name: Rocco was born!

Meeting with Rocco Siffredi

The meeting with Rocco Siffredi was a moment of great joy and complicity, not overly planned but certainly very much appreciated by both parties.
We could not resist sharing with him the story behind the creation of our lamp. Rocco appreciated the irony and creativity we wanted to infuse into our design, recognising the unique character of Rocco XXL, which now finds a place in his home.

Rocco enters your heart

The Rocco lamp is not simply a piece of furniture, but a tangible symbol of our commitment to combining aesthetics and functionality. Its design reflects our desire to offer not only lighting, but also a visual and sensory experience that enriches the environments in which it is placed.
It is gratifying to know that our products not only meet the practical needs of our customers, but also add a touch of character and style, and knowing that our products will now light up Rocco Siffredi's home makes us very happy!