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It's true, they are "just" lamps, but they are too beautiful! They light up by telling a funny, poetic story, made of words and drawings. They are the lamps for dreamers, for every environment and every style. Find pop lamps, elegant, magnetic, stylish, for an original gift or to enjoy illuminating every space in the house.

We produce everything in our laboratory ... all our products are more than Made in Italy ... they are made with our hands (i.e. by Raffaele and Diego's hands!) The packaging is made of recycled cardboard, designed by us, without glues, thought in an ecological perspective.

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  • Iride red
  • Magnetico green
  • Magnetic Combo yellow
  • Tavolotto blue
  • Tattoo lamp C'est la Vie
  • Tattoo Lamp Why Not
  • Tattoo Lamp Just be Cool
  • Tattoo Lamp Skiscraper
  • Tattoo Lamp Half
  • Tattoo lamp Turn me on
  • Tattoo Lamp M'Illumino di Immenso
  • Tattoo Lamp Pio
  • Tattoo Lamp Pio II
  • Tattoo lamp In & Out
  • Tattoo lamp Spot
  • Tattoo lamp Tic Tac Toe
  • Tattoo lamp Love
  • Tattoo lamp Heart
  • Tattoo lamp Imagine
  • Tattoo lamp Dreamer
  • Tattoo lamp Think Poetic
  • Tattoo lamp Flower
  • Tattoo lamp Dream
  • Camo Lamp White
  • Camo Lamp Black
  • Camo Lamp Yellow
  • Camo Lamp Orange
  • Camo Lamp Cream
  • Camo Lamp Green
  • Camo Lamp Grey
  • Camo Lamp Red
  • Iride yellow