Collection: Move it!

Magnetic Attraction

And who says the light has to be still? Let's move it! The magnetic world is composed of a series of dynamic lamps, which move and stick on every metal surface, together with a series of accessories that create new uses and new functions.

They are lamps, colorful, table lamps but also wall lamps, suspension lamps, free standing an much more: a series of products at once functional and playful, to enjoy and give as a gift ... because they are beautiful! :-)  
The packaging embraces a green vision, all in completely recyclable cardboard without glue, built with joints. Impossible not to buy for an original gift as well as useful.
76 products
  • Iride red
  • Iride yellow
  • Iride green
  • Iride white
  • Iride cream
  • Iride orange
  • Iride black
  • Iride grey
  • Magnetico black
  • Magnetico green
  • Magnetico cream
  • Magnetico red
  • Magnetico black
  • Magnetico orange
  • Magnetico grey
  • Magnetico yellow
  • Magnetic Combo orange
  • Magnetic Combo red
  • Magnetic Combo yellow
  • Magnetic Combo grey
  • Magnetic Combo green
  • Magnetic Combo cream
  • Magnetic Combo white
  • Magnetic Combo black
  • Magnetico Shelf orange
  • Magnetico Shelf red
  • Magnetico Shelf grey
  • Magnetico Shelf green
  • Magnetico Shelf yellow
  • Magnetico Shelf black
  • Magnetico Shelf cream
  • Magnetico Shelf white