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Tattoo lamps by Filotto lamp are bulbs with decorated glass, with words, designs, satin or painted. Different models for different tastes and different needs, all created with the aim of eliminating the glare of the LED, telling feelings and stories. The real lamps for dreamers.
They are energy saving G125 LED bulbs.

58 products
  • Tattoo lamp Dream
  • Tattoo lamp Flower
  • Tattoo lamp Think Poetic
  • Tattoo Lamp Skiscraper
  • Tattoo lamp Heart
  • Tattoo lamp Love
  • Tattoo Lamp Just be Cool
  • Tattoo lamp Tic Tac Toe
  • Camo Lamp Red
  • Camo Lamp Grey
  • Camo Lamp Green
  • Camo Lamp White
  • Camo Lamp Cream
  • Camo Lamp Orange
  • Camo Lamp Yellow
  • Camo Lamp Black
  • Tattoo lamp Spot
  • Tattoo lamp In & Out
  • Tattoo Lamp Pio II
  • Tattoo Lamp Pio
  • Tattoo Lamp M'Illumino di Immenso
  • Tattoo lamp Turn me on
  • Tattoo Lamp Half
  • Tattoo lamp C'est la Vie
  • Tattoo lamp Dreamer
  • Tattoo lamp Imagine
  • Tattoo Lamp Why Not
  • White Sofia light bulb
  • Black Sofia light bulb
  • Grey Sofia light bulb
  • Yellow Sofia light bulb
  • Green Sofia light bulb