Collection: Free lamps

Filotto lamps are multipurpose: we can illuminate a vase, a shelf or a bookcase.

Thanks to the spacer springs included in each package we can also create graphics with the cable, which becomes a colorful piece of furniture.

With 3-in-a-row you play with light and color!


32 products
  • Metal Spinello black
  • Metal Spinello white
  • Metal Spinello cream
  • Metal Spinello grey
  • Metal Spinello green
  • Metal Spinello red
  • Metal Spinello orange
  • Metal Spinello yellow
  • Silicone Spinello coffee
  • Silicone Spinello white
  • Silicone Spinello pink
  • Silicone Spinello green
  • Silicone Spinello yellow
  • Silicone Spinello grey
  • Silicone Spinello blue
  • Silicone Spinello red
  • Silicone Spinello pink
  • Ceramic Spinello black
  • Ceramic Spinello green
  • Ceramic Spinello heavenly
  • Ceramic Spinello dark yellow
  • Ceramic Spinello red passion
  • Ceramic Spinello vintage red
  • Ceramic Spinello white
  • Magnetico Plug
  • Magnetico Plug black
  • Magnetico Plug cream
  • Magnetico Plug grey
  • Magnetico Plug green
  • Magnetico Plug red
  • Magnetico Plug orange
  • Magnetico Plug yellow