Collection: Filotto


It is a collection of simple and colorful lamps, functional, but also funny, created with the idea that lighting should be as fun as a game is.

From the suspension, to the wall lamp thought the table lamp, smart and economical products, born from the idea that to illuminate a space you do not need to be expensive, and that in any case there is no color without light and no light without color!

84 products
  • Tavolotto red
  • Ceramic Muro red vintage
  • Tavolotto black
  • Metal Filotto green
  • Ceramic Muro white
  • Personal Silicone Filotto white
  • Silicone Spinello blue
  • Metal Muro green
  • Metal Muro orange
  • Metal Filotto black
  • Ceramic Muro red passion
  • Ceramic Filotto vintage red
  • Tavolotto grey
  • Ceramic Filotto white
  • Silicone Spinello white
  • Tavolotto blue
  • Metal Spinello black
  • Metal Spinello white
  • Metal Spinello cream
  • Metal Spinello grey
  • Metal Spinello red
  • Metal Spinello green
  • Metal Spinello orange
  • Silicone Spinello pink
  • Silicone Spinello coffee
  • Silicone Spinello green
  • Silicone Spinello yellow
  • Silicone Spinello grey
  • Silicone Spinello red
  • Silicone Spinello pink
  • Ceramic Spinello black
  • Ceramic Spinello green