Collection: Applique

We have many solutions to light up the wall. From minimal products (the "muro" silicone) to the directional wall lights (ceramic and metal wall) to the Combo magnetic shelf, much more than a wall light.
Many colors and many solutions for the most disparate needs.
41 products
  • Metal Muro white
  • Metal Muro black
  • Metal Muro cream
  • Metal Muro grey
  • Metal Muro green
  • Metal Muro red
  • Metal Muro orange
  • Metal Muro yellow
  • Ceramic Muro green
  • Ceramic Muro red passion
  • Ceramic Muro black
  • Ceramic Muro sky blue
  • Ceramic Muro red vintage
  • Ceramic Muro ochre
  • Ceramic Muro white
  • Magnetico Shelf white
  • Magnetico Shelf black
  • Magnetico Shelf cream
  • Magnetico Shelf grey
  • Magnetico Shelf green
  • Magnetico Shelf red
  • Magnetico Shelf orange
  • Magnetic Combo white
  • Magnetic Combo black
  • Magnetic Combo cream
  • Magnetic Combo grey
  • Magnetic Combo green
  • Magnetic Combo red
  • Magnetic Combo orange
  • Magnetic Combo yellow
  • Magnetico Shelf yellow
  • Muro Silicone wall lamp white