3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Every year we count down, this year more. In 2020, loves were certainly born, entire generations have graduated, graduated; children, marriages, opportunities were born. But certainly this year will remain in history ... and I challenge anyone not to want to finish it and turn the page, start again.
The 2020 line of lamps was born from a superstitious scream. They are dedicated to those who have decided not to give up, but to react, determined not to fall or to get up: the "SURVIVOR".
The line is limited: the last lamp will be printed and sold on 12/31/2020, and then that's it, new things, new courses, new lamps, new dreams.

The lamps want to be a positive message for those who, like us, will have to roll up their sleeves tomorrow and rebuild their dreams.

They are lamps born from the belly ... unexpected but necessary. We really needed to do them. A thought that we believe unites all citizens of the world.

We thought about Survivor in relation to 2020 and not this damn virus, if someone were to feel offended or if we had to hurt personal sensibilities, we apologize immediately.

In the series you can find:

Tavolotto complete with 2020 lamp


Or the bulbs;

Happy New year!


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