Filotto and JustLIGHT: when collaboration becomes partnership

When a creative and dynamic company meets a solid and innovative reality, the combination can only be perfect! This is what happened between Filotto, our company of lamps for dreamers, and JustLIGHT, the Portuguese leader in the distribution of lighting equipment and LED technology.

This is how Filotto arrived in Portugal, distributed and coordinated by a real leader in the sector with whom the harmony was total and the collaboration project natural and instinctive.

A synergy born in an absolutely complicated period in everyone's life, within a unique historical moment, which, however, has not hindered the achievement of the common goal of presenting the market with colour, cheerfulness and lighting that is as emotional as possible.

We like this new Portuguese horizon and we like it a lot. We know that only from the best partnerships are born the most ambitious projects and we are therefore happy and proud to give the exclusive distribution of all Filotto branded products to a company that has been able to appreciate all our potential right from the start.

We welcome JustLIGHT into the Filotto team of international partners and are sure that the journey we take together can only take us so far.

And if you are a Portuguese retailer and would like to resell Filotto, just get in touch:


Rua Gonçalves Ramos 6A - 6B | 2700-437 Amadora

+351 211 368 617

+351 914 903 354

Segunda a Sexta | 9h-13h, 14h30h-18h30

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